Amitor® is an App for that and more!

Contact Manager

Keep all of your business contacts in one place. There is a place for all of your clients, employees and vendors.


Includes a full messaging platform including emails, discussion groups and text messaging.


Manage your entire business calendars from one-place, including appointments & tasks

File Sharing

Includes a full-featured document & file sharing dashboard.

Full-featured portal

All of the features your business needs online for free. FAQs, social media, help desk, polls & surveys.

Online Shop & Payments

Amitor® offers an online store and allows you to process credit card payments. *fees apply.

Why Amitor®?

Because your clients and employees need a business portal


Yes, it is free for all of the core features: contact manager, client manager, calendars, messaging and more features.


Amitor® is available on all Internet connected devices. All of your business data is only a click away.

Go Green Today

All of your business communications is centralized on Amitor®. This means that you minimize your paper needs while increasing your clients' and employees' access to business data.